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Body fat transplantation

- Breast fat autografting refers to surgical procedure of extracting body fat and injecting it on breast muscle or   under lobule-alveolar-system. Even dramatic size change can be expected from breast enlargement               operations using implants, but in case of fat transplantation, enlargement into A-cup or B-cup can be             expected.

  • Good cases for breast enlargement by fat autografting
  • When you want natural breast enlargement without showing any sign of operation
  • When you want liposuction
  • When you don’t want to use implant or foreign substance such as silicon
  • In case you have experienced side effects such as formation of ball shape after getting breast enlargement using silicon implants.
  • breast enlargement using silicon implants.
  • In case you have had breast reconstruction procedure after surgery for breast cancer
Cases where you should not get fat autografting for breast
  • Persons with BMI lower than 18 
  • Persons with insufficient fat for extracting
  • Persons demanding excessive enlargement
Cautions for Breast Autografting
  • Only the amount of fat that can be extracted from body can be transplanted. There is a limit.
  • You should have yourself checked for breast cancer before operation (It is recommended to get a regular checkup for breast cancer when you are older than 40 years older regardless of the operation)
  • In case the patient or the mother of the patient has had breast cancer surgery, this must be noticed by the doctor.


- Hips also get aged? 

   The shape of hips is formed and changed by the influence of the factors such as age, weight, height, and        body fat index. When a person is aging, subcutaneous fat reduces, and the hip begins to sag. The sagging,      weak hip can be corrected by ‘Hip-up,’ which refers to autografting of fat.

- Postoperative Care

   Girdle should be worn for 3 months to prevent transplanted part from moving

   All activities should be stopped for 2 weeks and the patient should sleep on their stomach. 

   Any application of force such as massage that could irritate transplanted part should be avoided for 3              months.