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Square chin reduction (Reduing the size of lower jaw)

The purpose of square chin reduction is to reduce the size of lower jaw. This is called Front Effect, and people usually use the expression slim when the surface of lower jaw is small. 

The key technique in Lower chin reduction surgery which aims at reducing the width of the lower chin is cortex bone cutting procedure The Front Face Effect can take effect by reducing the thickness of lower chin bone using such procedure. 

This procedure is not simply cutting out parts of lower chin. This method reduces the thickness of lower chin bone from broad part. The face can be structurally improved and asymmetry can also be corrected adequately by naturally reducing the size of lower chin surface.

The operation is performed after general anesthesia and the incision is done from the inside of mouth. The operation period is less than one hour, and the patient can go back to normal life a week after the operation. Swelling is similar to that of when wisdom teeth are taken out.

3-dimensional lower jaw reduction

 There are faces that can fit between the ideal face and face with protruding chin, of which the alignment is relatively normal, but the tip of chin is somewhat protruding toward the front. Such faces have the following characteristics.

1. Their lower jaws are generally large for their head

2. They have manly appearance, and they look cold without facial expressions

3. Their lower lips are protruded further than upper lips

4. Center of their faces look flat, and their faces lacks depth

5. Their nose appears smaller

6. When their mouths are closed without smiling, the angle of mouth sags

7. It appears that they have protruded mouth or they are toothless

8. When their mouths are closed, the soft tissues are lumped under the lip, creating small dimples.

9. When mouth is relaxed, it does not close, and when closed, they look stubborn

10. The tip of chin is protruded further than the center of face.  

In this case, since the chin usually looks big, candidates wish to get lower jaw reduction operation. However, simply reducing their lower jaw cannot solve fundamental problem.  

For women, smaller lower jaws make their faces more attractive, and it is more preferred when chin tip is located further back than the other parts of the face.

3-dimensional lower jaw reduction operation has the concept that the lower chin is reduced from three directions. 1) Upper and lower chin are moved back at once 2) The core of this operation is that one operation covers both the jaws and lower jaw, which minimizes the size of face.  

Structural shortcoming of the face can be improved by single operation, which can change the face to look softer and younger. Even those who are aged as well as those in twenties can expect good results. However, the period for straightening teeth can be inconvenient to the candidates.

Cheekbone reduction

May people understand cheekbone reduction surgery as the operation of cutting cheekbone. In reality, the operation is not performed by cutting the cheekbone. In the initial stage, the operations used to be performed by cutting the cheekbone. However, since the thickness of the side cheekbone is only 4~5mm, if this is to be cut off while maintaining the capability of the bone, reduction can hardly be done.

The method of operation can be largely classified into two types: incision from the inside of mouth and incision from head. Operation using incision from the inside of mouth is the method that cuts the bone and change its location, which is so simple that it takes less than one hour, and the recovery is fast. However, there is a possibility of cheek sagging since the bone cannot be moved upward and fixed.

The operation method using incision into head is rather complex and recovery takes longer. However, the faces of high danger of cheek sagging can be minimized of such possibility through the method of moving the cut bone upward and fixing. Also, the shape of cheekbone can be adjusted more delicately. When problem occurs after operation using incision from the inside of mouth, this method can be used for reoperation.  

Cheekbone reduction takes up the large portion of facial line plastic surgeries, and relatively, dissatisfaction rate is higher since there can be loss after operation. It is essential to contemplate on whether this operation is appropriate to yourself.

Cases where cheekbone reduction does not help

1. In case the candidate has a large head

2. In case the relative ratio between head and lower jaw is not appropriate

3. In case the candidate has a long face

4. In case there is a high concern of cheek sagging

5. In case the candidate has a negative appearance regardless of cheekbone

6. In case the candidate wants to get operation for symmetry of face

7. In case the cheekbone stands out when smiling or seen from the side


Operation of both jaws

Operation of both jaws refers to the operation of both the upper and lower jaws. This is the operation that promotes balance by moving upper and lower jaws, which can be changed relatively freely, leaving the head part of which the bone structure cannot be changed easily or is impossible.  

The method of operation is to artificially cut the upper and lower bones, move them to desired locations, and allow them to stick to each other by applying fixation device.  

In the process of both jaw operations, since teeth move as the jaw bone moves, orthodontic treatment should be paralleled. Orthodontics may be required before the operation, and postoperative treatment of a certain period is required. There are much more cases where orthodontics must be precedent before operation for the best result.  

In case of this operation, success of orthodontics as well as the result of operation has a large effect on the overall result. Hence, it should be noted that these two complement each other and that they are independent at the same time.

Even though this operation moves the skeletal structure, change of soft tissue and the shape of nose should be considered for the best result. This requires a lot of experience and elaboration since the operation plan should be reflected by the prediction of change according to the individuals structural feature.


Protruding mouth surgery

Since the treatment method can be differed by the condition of the oral structure, without such concern, very awkward result can occur.


Generally, the operation method for protruding mouth can be divided into Front Bone Segment Cutting and Both Jaw Operation. There are cases where the first method has a good result along with precise medical diagnosis, but in most cases, the Both Jaw Operation with orthodontics is a more appropriate treatment.


The purpose of this operation is not to move the mouth back, but to realize a more attactive face. Therefore, satisfying result can be attained only when the most appropriate treatment rules following right diagnosis are followed.


Front Chin Correction

Front chin correction is the operation that aims at improving the appearance of the side of face, rather than the front of the face. This relatively simple operation has had high satisfaction among candidates.


The most common operation is called Advanced bone-cutting procedure, which cuts the bone, move, and fix it. There is also a method of operation where implant is used, which is not usually recommended for its less satisfying result for several reasons.


*Plastic surgeries that we misunderstand


<Cut around>

It is surprising that there are hospitals that use Cut around for their advertising. This term means to cut along the bottom line of lower jaw, and this procedure has many problems.

1. Those who need the procedure of Cut around are those with 3 level misaligned teeth or at least 3 level skeletal dentofacial. Cutting around cannot move the jaw backward.

2. Cutting around cannot narrow the width of lower jaw

3. The operation that cuts out the bottom of the bone from the front jaw is actually cutting out the part where muscle grows. Hence, the shape of neighboring soft tissue turns awkward.

<V line plastic surgery>

V line plastic surgery, which is now in trend, refers to the plastic surgery of sharpening front jaw. If excessive procedure is performed, there are a lot of losses. If the cut bones from front jaw are collected, the soft tissues can create lump, which may cause very awkward shape.