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Facial Wrinkles

Lifting center of face

In case the overall soft tissues of the center of face as well as the wrinkles below eyes are sagging, plastic surgery for lifting lower eyelid and mid-face can be performed.

Lifting the mid-face peels broader area of the face than lower eyelid lifting, lifting sagging soft tissues, and fixing it to reduce sagging and improve wrinkles.


Max lift

This is the plastic surgery that fixes sagging face tissues on the surface of the muscle in front of the ears. When one gets older than mid thirties, the skin of cheek begins to sag. This operation has a great effect on these cases. In the past, face lifting was used to make sagging face look elastic, but Max Lift can be perceived as a method that has taken a major step forward in that it has a better result with a slight incision.

Lifting the sagging face line without particular risk, Max lift does not only lift the skin. It also lifts SMAS layer under the skin (which plays a pivotal role in forming face line) and fixes it. Its effect lasts for a long time after operation.


Why is it better than face lifting?

Face lifting is a procedure that creates natural shape after completely peeling the sagging skin and removing the remaining skin. The effect of this operation lasts for a long time, and it is being used currently. However, there is are shortcomings such as broad area to be cut, long operation hour, and having to wait long time to go back to normal life.

Therefore, it is not easy to recommend unless the sagging is outstanding. Max lift complements such shortcomings. The area of operation is small compared to the result with less swelling and shorter recovery period, which reduces burden on the patient.


How is it different from face lifting?

In face lifting, the scalp from the area in front of the ear to the back of the ear is incised, the part below the skin is peeled, the tissue under the skin is pulled and fixed, and the remaining skin is removed. In Max lift, the area of about 5 cm in front of the ear is incised and the tissue under the skin above cheekbone is hung and fixed, which is a much simpler procedure. The remaining skin in Max lift is also cut off, but the size of skin is small since smaller area is cut than face lifting. Therefore, the possibility of side effects is dramatically reduced.


4060 Eye Plastic Surgery


Sagging eyelid

Since eyelid, among body parts, has the thinnest skin and thin layer of subcutaneous fat. Also, it uses the neighboring muscles the most, which makes it show the first aging sign. If the upper eyelid is sagging, ones view gets interrupted, not to mention the wrinkles, which makes eyes easily tired or makes eyelashes poke the eyes. In particular, in case of aged people it may cause blocking of view for a long time, which may cause decrease of sight.



Method of operation

The sagging part of skin is indicated, incision is made along the line, and the indicated part of skin and remaining fat are cut and sutured. In case you want a double eyelid, the operation can cover those purposes at once. However, The fine wrinkles around the eyes or crows feet around the eyes are not completely improved. Partial wrinkle plastic surgery or botox injection can be used as needed.


Lower eyelid plastic surgery


Removing lower eyelid fat

Eye is the part where aging occurs first of all. In particular, the skin under the eye allows formation of wrinkles as it loses elasticity, and it sags and stretches as the fat pocket is projected. Such a phenomenon can be seen mostly in people in forties and fifties, and nowadays, it can be seen in twenties and thirties.

In this case, the diagnosis should conclude whether to remove the fat pocket under the eye or to the hollow part will be dealt with as the fat is removed.


Fat Relocation

After removing the fat under the eye, it may swell after a while. At this time, this can be avoided by delicately relocating fat.

In fat relocation, the part under the eyelashes is cut, skin and muscle are raised, fat pocket is open and the fat is inserted into the deep valley to make it flat. Here the stretched muscle should be pulled and fixed to prevent swelling of fat pocket under the eye and the sinking from fat removal from happening.

When the need for removing skin occurs from sagging skin or if mid-face lifting are required at the same time, skin needs to be incised. However, in case of young people whose skin has not sagged that much, the fat can be relocated through incision of conjunctiva. In this case, recovery period is short, and there is no remaining scar.


Subocular Wrinkle

The skin of the eyelid under the eyes become thinner and the neighboring muscles turn loose and sag. Also, as the fat from eye socket gets pushed out, bulging pocket appears under the eye, creating the appearance of deep valley around the eye. The operation separates the muscle on the lower eyelid and wrinkle, removes remaining fat as needed, as the diaphragm that blocks this is fixed. By doing this, the fat that is sticking out and the hollow valley can be resolved at once. Then, the separated skin and muscle is pulled upward and outward, to cut the sagging skin and muscle, and the outer muscle is fixed on the bone around the eyes to prevent sagging again. If the excessive skin is cut off, there can be serious side effect of lower eyelid turning inside out, so caution should be taken.


Pain after operation is not that severe, and some convenience follows. There can be edema on conjunctiva, which will be recovered naturally as time elapses. Bruising can be reduced by placing face higher and getting massage with cold pack for two days. Three to four days after the operation, there is no inconvenience caused in daily life since the thread will be removed and face can be washed. However, since bruise lasts for 7~10 days, there can be some inconvenience in going out. After that, it can be covered by makeup.