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Short nose (Low nose)

This is the most prevalent case among Koreans. The operation aims making sharp and natural nose. On nasal septum silicone or Gore-tex, which are approved materials, are used. For the tip of nose, nose cartilage, ear cartilage, and nasal septum cartilage are used. Nasal septum and the tip of nose are separated and operated, which allows moving of the nose after operation.

Closed Rhinoplasty surgery is considered first, and the minimum incision is made from the inside of one nostril. There is a significant postoperative swelling for about 2 weeks, and minor swelling lasts for about one month.

 Hooked nose

 Hooked nose represents the shape of nose that is not feminine, with nose tip relatively falling down. This manly nose can be turned into soft-looking and feminine shape.

 Short nose

There are many cases of short nose with those with low nasal septum. Operative method and materials are used considering the length of nose, condition of skin, and development of cartilage. Usually, as an open method, the location of nose tip is extended using nasal septum cartilage or nose cartilage. This makes your nose as long as the cartilage tissue of the nose tip can allow. In case of low nasal septum, the height of septum and implant are determined to suit the change of nose tip.

 Long nose

Various operations of nasal septum reduction and nose tip reduction according to the cause of long nose. In case of long nose, there are many cases of hooked nose. The longer the nose, the longer the face looks, which gives manly impression.  

As your nose gets shorter, the face may look small and young. The operation aims at turning long and western nose shape into somewhat petite nose shape.

 Arrow-shaped nose

 Arrow-shaped nose has the opposite shape to turned-up nose. Its nose tip is looking downward.  

The operative method for this nose reshapes the cartilage of nose tip into various shapes or relocates it to make it look turned-up.  

Here, by shortening the overall length of nose and making nostrils slightly visible, sharp and sophisticated image can be implied. Nose bridge can be narrowed by not using anything on the septum by the change of nose tip or by incision. On the other hand, using implant to slightly heighten the nose can take effect.  

Blessed nose (close to Greek nose)

The overall size of nose is large with thin skin and broad nose tip. Operation should be performed with minimum use of implant, but using only the self tissue. The operative method is either open or closed. Procedures of fat removal, raising the septum, reshaping nose tip cartilage, transplantation of ear cartilage and nose septum cartilage are performed. The overall image of big nose is reduced by minimizing and narrowing nose tip.  

The key here is to make the nose appear not large. The result of operation will be round and slim nose shape.  

However, even if every nose of this type was operated consistently following these methods, the result may vary by the individuals condition of skin or recovery rate.

 Asymmetrical Nose

Everyone has some degree of asymmetry on their face and nose. However, the cases of those who were born with asymmetry on the face or whose nose bone was bent from injury, with bent nasal septum from chronic rhinitis, and those with asymmetry of the nose tip can correct it by operation.  

Operative method can be either open or closed. Cutting nasal bone, septum correction operation, nose tip correction operation can be performed on degree of asymmetry and cause.


Nose reoperation

The operation method can vary by any problem occurring after the first surgery or level of dissatisfaction. Nose reoperation should be decided more discreetly than any other operation, and deciding on getting reoperation based on simple desire is the last thing to be recommended. There are various types of operation to suit the cause of problem. 


The nose that shows sign of operation

 This is the most prevalent motivation for getting reoperation. The candidates usually feel awkward after overdone operation, with dramatic change. There are cases where the shape of nose is artificial, implying having undergone plastic surgery. Here, reoperation aims at reducing or narrowing the size of nose or correcting nose tip into round and soft shape.  

For reoperation, the operation is relatively simple and there is less burden of cost according to condition. It is recommended to avoid too much correction, by applying simple procedure for correction.  

Diagnosis for nose reoperation When should I get reoperation?  

It usually takes six months before the operated area of the nose undergoes settling stage to reach normal state. Therefore, nose reoperation is performed six months after operation. Certain period is required before the operated area gets recovered and softens into the original skin.  

However, in some cases where the cause of reoperation is clear, reoperation can be performed within two months after operation.


Diagnosis for nose reoperation

- Aesthetic problems

Nose with septum too high or narrow bridge / Low nose tip / twisted implant / Nose tip become pointed and thin skin / Deformation of nose tip / Shortened nose / twisted nose septum  

- Implant problem

Implant moving / Nose tip shape changed by implant / Buildup of implant / Implant is seen through / In case unapproved filler was used  

- Bridge reduction

In case the skin is not thick, incision is made from inside the nose for nose reduction. However, in case the skin is thick and overall reduction is required, exterior nose bridge is cut to reduce the overall size of nose.


Noblesse operation

This operation is performed in case the overall face looks flat and dark since the area around nose is deeply sunken. Medical term for this operation is Nasal area uplifting technique, in which implants such as Goretex are inserted on the sunken area through the incision fro the inside of mouth. This is one of the operations with high satisfaction among patients with natural result and depth.


Cat Surgery

This refers to the plastic surgery in which the sunken part between nose and upper lip is filled with implant. The operative method is not difficult. However, the decision on taking this operation should be discreet since the patient may feel awkward and inconvenient after operation, feeling irritated when the operation was too much.  

Cat surgery is a lot like Noblesse surgery. The sunken part is complemented, making lip line look like that of a cat. If this is overdone, the mouth could look like that of a monkey, so caution should be taken to avoid excessive operation.  

The effect is similar to Noblesse surgery. This aims at complementing flat surface, reinforcing the upper gum that looks sunken. However, it will not cause protruded mouth, but complements upper lip that looks like its been turned inside out.  

Some people would want the effect of nose plastic surgery only with cat surgery, as a replacement of nose surgery. However, since the objectives of these two procedures are different, fundamental problem cannot be solved.