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Laser Plastic Surgery Clinic

Skin regeneration

Fraxel Laser

This procedure can provide with the effect of laser peeling or chemical peeling without peeling the skin. Since this procedure is not destructive, recovery is quick and there are less side effects. You can go back to your daily life right after the treatment.

Thousands of fine laser beams not only remove pigment cells of the aged outer layer of skin, but also they penetrate into the inner skin.


Brightens up dark and dull skin, reduces pores, regenerates elasticity

Wrinkles: Face, eye rim, lips, neck, back of hands

Scars: Acne scar

Pigmentation: Freckle, age spot, skin after decortication


Body care


This takes effect directly on skin, deep subcutaneous fat, and intra-abdominal fat muscle, removing cellulite and fat and firming connective tissue.



Cellulite treatment: treatment for uneven skin

Fat reduction: Effect on the firm area with broad fat layer

Enhance skin elasticity

Blood circulation, treatment of edema: Excellent effect on edema after operation, on top of blood circulation enhancement

Vitalization of fat cell: Helps natural combustion of fat cell