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Some women are concerned that they would be misunderstood by their husbands for large labia minora, while others have complex about their genitals that they would refrain from going to public bath or spa. Other than such aesthetic concerns, large labia minora could cause friction with underwear when exercising, causing pain, which could also cause trouble in sex. There are some women with large labia minora that have clitoris covered, which may cause insensitivity.


The reasons why color and shape of labia minora change

01 Women who had several pregnancy and labor

02 Labia minora damaged in labor

03 Masturbation at early age

04 Fungal Vaginitis

05 Inborn labia minora hypertrophy


External genitals plastic surgery


External genitals plastic surgery allows women with external genitals problems to have psychological contentment and sexual confidence, while helping her to escape from inconvenience by hygienic problems and consistent irritation.


Such problem can be corrected by operation. The operation of cutting the oversized part or unbalanced part does not require hospitalization. In case clitoris is covered with skin, it can be removed by surgery. Here, suturing is done with melting thread.


If the patient has decided to get the surgery, she will be anesthetized while she has been on empty stomach for more than six hours. The operation hour takes approximately one hour, two to three hours including the time to recover from anesthesia. Thread is removed a week later. The patient can go back to normal life, but one to two months should pass before she can have sexual intercourse.


Womens (clitoris) circumcision

There are cases where the clitoris, which reacts most sensitively in sexual intercourse, is covered with excessive skin. This does not only cause slowdown of senses, but it is also hygienically bad for impurities could be caught here. Like circumcision in men, part of the excessive skin is cut out. Circumcision is the procedure that cuts the tissue that covers clitoris and sutures. Do not consider getting circumcision after years without sexual pleasure. If you havent felt sexual pleasure after having had one to two years of experience, please hurry up to get the operation for happy relationship.


Vaginal wall plastic surgery

Middle-aged women complain about decline of satisfaction in sexual relationship with their husbands due to widened vagina from labor. In this case, plastic surgery that narrows the entrance of vagina can be performed.


Vagina of women can vary from ten to fifteen centimeters in length. The interior of vagina is covered with mucous epithelium cells that are influenced by hormone. The center layer consists of smooth muscle and well-developed blood vessel layer, and the exterior is composed of supportive fiber structure.


Clitoris is the organ that interacts with mens penis, which consists of a pair of clitoris cavernous body, which is surrounded by sclera. Inside, there is cavernous body artery at the center, and structure of cavernous body surrounded by smooth muscle.


Vagina is dispersed of blood vessels over a wide area. Blood is supplied from iliac artery. The nerve of clitoris and vagina is controlled by sympathetic nerve and parasympathetic nerve, which is similar to that in the penis of men. If objective reaction against sexual stimulation in men is erection of penis, then in women, it is secretion of fluid that works as lubricating oil inside vagina.


Such reaction creates the environment where the inflow of blood into vagina gets faster and pressure increases at the moment of excitement at sexual stimulation. This leads to expansion of clitoris, which also becomes sensitive. Vagina is expanded and fluid is produced like perspiration, so that penis could enter smoothly.