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Filler Treatment

Criteria of filler selection

1. Stability 2. maintainability 3. economy

Filler with lower cost and longer sustainability would be desired, but the issue is safety. Hence, the filler should be biocompatible and free from allergy or reaction with alien substance. It should be resolvable inside the body, but the sustaining period should not be so short that frequent correction is needed.



Those with infectious disease on skin

Those with allergic reaction Those who show allergic reaction after injection or medication

Those with rheumatic diseases

Those with restricted immune reaction


Parts for filler


Deep vertical lip line

Deep vertical lip lines stand out even more as one gets older. By using filler injection, the area around nose will be given more dimensions.


Glabella lines

This refers to the wrinkles created as the muscles move around glabella. Deep wrinkles can be filled, but there is no dramatic effect on the wrinkle on the skin already made and wrinkles from facial expressions.



Using the filler injection that was usually used for wrinkle removing, nose can look sharper but natural.


Lower eyelid

When the area below eyes looks hollow, filler can be injected to make you look younger.



A relatively simple procedure of injection without need to make incision on body. Muscles can be selectively anesthetized, and this method is commonly used to straighten the wrinkled on face.

Generally, the wrinkles on glabella, forehead, eye rim, and lip lines, and nowadays, it is broadly used in reduction of square-chin and calf.


Characteristics of Botox

01 By anesthetizing facial muscle for certain period of time, wrinkles straight up or muscles are reduced.

02 It is recommended to get the injection periodically for sustainability



Parts for Botox injection

01 Face (forehead, eye rim, glabella, nose, etc. : wrinkled made when smiling or frowning

02 Square chin: Outstanding chin from growth of muscle of mastication

03 Calf: Big calf from growth of muscle


Effect of Botox


01 Facial wrinkle

This takes effect about two to three days after procedure, and the maximum effect can be expected about one week after. The effect of operation usually lasts three to six months.


02 Square chin/calf reduction

In case of square chin, it takes effect around two weeks later, and for calf, it takes effect about one month later. The effect usually lasts for three to six months, and periodical treatment will last the effect longer.