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Your consultation is the time when you learn what plastic surgery can do for you and we decide how best to help you achieve your desires. At Idea Clinic, we have several goals we work to achieve during your consultation:

  • We want to educate you about plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery in general.
  • We want to understand, and help you refine, your goals.
  • We want to evaluate your present situation along with your goals and help you decide which procedure is best for you.
  • We want to get a complete knowledge of your medical history and condition so we can provide you with maximal safety.
  • We want you to have an accurate expectation of exactly what plastic surgery can achieve for you.
  • We want you to completely understand the entire process of plastic surgery, including the period before your procedure, the day of surgery, and all of phases of recovery.
  • Finally, we want to begin to get to know you, and for you to know us (the surgeon and the staff) so we all become comfortable working together.
In order to achieve all these goals, your consultation has several steps. First you provide us with some written information about why you came to see us, what sort of plastic surgery interests you, and your medical history. We have a beautiful and elegant reception area. We hope you become comfortable here so you are relaxed during your time with the doctor.

Next you go into our consultation room where you will meet your Surgeon. If you are seeing us about an issue regarding your body, such as for Stem Cell from Fat Center, Facial Bone Center, Wrinkle Center, Eye Center, Nose Center, Laser Center, Secret Plastic Surgery Center, Petit Plastic Surgery Center we will ask you to change into a robe so we can examine you effectively.

Your doctor will discuss your medical history and then your desires for plastic surgery. He will examine you with all this in mind and then discuss how plastic surgery can help you address your specific goals. During your examination you will be seen by the plastic surgeon along with our patient coordinator.

We will then discuss all the phases of your plastic surgery including the period before the procedure, the details of the surgery itself, and the recovery. We will address when you can resume various physical activities, when you should return to work, and the timing of your post-procedure visits back at Idea Clinic. We will answer all of your questions in detail. But we find that people often have additional questions after they visit us, so we encourage you to call us back if you have any other questions.

Your consultation will take about an hour overall. We find that by being this thorough during your consultation we are best able to help you meet your goals for plastic surgery.

For more information about your consultation at IDEA Clinic